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Mandala Live Wallpaper

Delight your eyes with a trip though a mesmerizing world of constantly shifting symmetry! Watch as hypnotic shapes and psychedelic colors dance across the screen! Electric Mandala live wallpaper combines simple shapes to create complex and beautiful patterns. It's also completely customizable, allowing you to perfectly tailor each theme to your taste. You can even add your own images to the background! Don't have time to mess with all of the settings? Choose from one of 15 beautiful presets!

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Elements of Design Live Wallpaper

Turn your background into a beautiful abstract work of art with this fully customizable, animated wallpaper! Combine some of the most popular elements of contemporary graphic design into animated eye candy with the touch of a finger! Overwhelmed by the number of options? Choose from one of 16 preset themes!

You can get the free version here or the full version here.

Flames Live Wallpaper

Watch as flames engulf your background! Flames live wallpaper is fully customizable -- you can change the colors of the flames (including a color fade), adjust the speed and size, and select from several layouts. Overwhelmed by all of the settings? Select a preset!

You can get the free version here or the full version here.

AstroBall v1.0

Test your reflexes with this fast paced, arcade style, 3D flight simulator! Navigate through hoops by tilting the screen in the direction that you want to go, or use a Sphero® as a wireless controller! The game starts at an easy pace, and gradually gets more challenging as you progress through 15 levels. Each level is randomly generated so that you'll never play the same game twice!

Northern Lights wallpaper v1.1

Can't find time to go see the Northern Lights? Now you can watch them on your phone! Northern Lights live wallpaper creates a real-time simulation of the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis. Stars twinkle slowly in the background while the lights dance, and the pattern never repeats. The full version lets you select several different locations to watch the lights from, and allows you to choose from six different light color themes.

Get the FREE version here:

Or the FULL version here:

Plasma Disk Wallpaper v1.0

I've just completed my first Android app! Plasma Disk live wallpaper generates bolts of electricity reminescent of plasma disks or Tesla coils. The wallpaper is fully interactive and customizable, with the ability to change the colors and styles of the bolts, adjust the speed, and change the background color. Touch the screen and a powerful bolt of lightning follows your finger! It even includes a sound responsive "Dance Mode" which makes the lightning bolts dance in time to your favorite music!

I've spent the last couple of months working on this. Since it was my first major programming project in several years, it took a little longer than it should have. But things should go much faster now that I'm more familiar with Java, openGL, and the Android operating system. Join my mailing list or check back in a few months to see what's new!


Artwork and design ©2012 Ryan Ayers